Lnet – LOAS's network for students

Lnet is a student network that Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation (LOAS) offers to students living in its apartments. The network can be accessed from nearly all LOAS residences in Lappeenranta, including all apartments near the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (Saimia) in Skinnarila.

This means that the network is used by LOAS residents (mostly students of LUT and Saimia). Lnet provides 24-hour Internet access to the residents mainly for study purposes.


Using routers in Lnet


As a reminder: When using home routers or wireless access points, take care to check the connections. The port meant for your Internet connection (in this case Lnet), is usually marked either "Internet" or "WAN", with ports meant for your devices marked "LAN".

Plugging LAN ports to Lnet will cause problems for other network users, and connections with misconfigured or misconnected devices will be disabled without warning.

ADSL modems without a capability of using a regular Ethernet connection as uplink cannot be used in Lnet at all. Connections with misconfigured ADSL modems will also be disabled.


Connection lost to Pallo and Tervaranta


The connection to Pallo and Tervaranta was cut on Saturday evening. Probably a hardware issue, will be fixed when possible.

(UPDATE Sun 2017-11-19): First aid given to hung-up switch. The connection seems to work now, time will tell if there was some bigger problem requiring more invasive maintenance.

Network break in Punkkerikatu and Linnunrata on Sunday the 5th 18:00-22:00


Hardware upgrades will cause a break in network connections in Punkkerikatu (buildings 1, 2, 5 and 7) and Linnunrata 10. The work takes place on Sunday 5th November, between 18 and 22.

Hardware problems in Punkkeri 5 D


Network connections broken due to a hardware problem in Punkkerikatu 5 D, starting Thursday afternoon.

Sammonlahti buildings C, D, E, F - network connection broken


The network connection to Sammonlahti buildings C, D, E and F is broken as of today (Friday). Likely a hardware fault.

UPDATE: The switch in E-building was stuck, cutting the connections through it to the other buildings. Works for now, we'll see if any problems appear again.

DNS problems at Karelia-Park and Kourula at the end the October


A couple of devices dealing out invalid IPv6 -information were removed from the network at Karelia-Park and Kourula. They may have caused problems with using the network, but if any issues persists, we ask you to report about them.

Changes made to Lnet IP addresses on Friday 22nd


As announced earlier, the registration system used in Lnet for the last ten years was removed from service today. At the same, some changes were made to the IP address allocation within the network. Also, the old semi-static address assignment to users was made completely dynamic as in most other networks.

The changes caused mostly short breaks in connectivity between 17 and 20 on Friday. As usual, any problems may be reported using the form.